Definition of softshell crab in English:

softshell crab


North American
  • A crab, especially a blue crab, that has recently moulted and has a new shell that is still soft and edible.

    Also called soft crab
    • ‘The Spider roll in particular, with its fried softshell crab, tasted too much of cooking oil.’
    • ‘The shrimp heads are tempura-fried and served whole alongside, which is not all that different from eating a softshell crab.’
    • ‘My first plate was Crispy softshell crab, served on a piece of avocado with sticks of cucumber, and a lime and crystallized ginger vinaigrette that the waiter poured on in front of me.’
    • ‘They vend both catfish and softshell varieties of the po’ boy sandwich, but my preference far and away is the softshell crab.’