Definition of soft toy in English:

soft toy


  • A children's toy, typically a toy animal, made of fabric stuffed with a soft filling.

    • ‘Remove cushions and soft toys, and buy bedding made from synthetic fabric rather than using feather pillows and woollen blankets.’
    • ‘There are so many dolls and soft toys in need of names.’
    • ‘For the first time since falling suddenly and violently ill with the deadly meningitis B strain 19 days ago, Danielle Skilbeck is well enough to play with her soft toys, watch videos and even ask for her favourite fast food.’
    • ‘Pram beads - a row of plastic or soft toys strung on elastic, which you hook across your baby's pushchair or pram, will keep him entertained.’
    • ‘But he was content to just lie in his cot and suck and slobber on his tiny little fingers, and stare at the soft toys until he dozed off.’
    • ‘Youngsters can read and listen to stories with their parents and then act them out using puppets and soft toys.’
    • ‘The seasonal traditional fair was organised by the Friends of Whitehall and featured hand-made soft toys and Christmas cards.’
    • ‘Attractive varieties of soft toys, teddy bears and monkeys, wall-hangings and fabric paintings are also there at the fair.’
    • ‘Stalls were decked out with various soft toys of all shapes and sizes as well as large selection of bric-a-brac, which had been donated by parents and children.’
    • ‘Additionally, freeze soft toys or small items overnight and follow this with a hot wash at 60 ¼ C to kill mites and their eggs.’
    • ‘The main categories of toys exported are soft toys, dolls, plastic toys, educational toys, electronic and mechanical toys and games and puzzles.’
    • ‘While the operation was under way she and Martinez waited in a separate room watching television and receiving visitors who brought flowers and soft toys.’
    • ‘Every year, the firm, which also has stores in Malton and Goole, makes sure that children stuck in hospital for the festive season get a dose of Christmas cheer in the form of soft toys.’
    • ‘Out in the corridor, a basket of soft toys is an attempt to make the clinic more child-friendly - but, in the stark corridor, it manages only to look sad.’
    • ‘However, Mr Blanshard said the forum had already identified cleanliness problems surrounding patients' laundry and children's soft toys.’
    • ‘All you have to do is buy a piece of pre-chosen fabric, which you can make into a number of different types of craft ideas, from a small quilt or wall hanging, to bags, and soft toys - like a doll or bear.’
    • ‘Each year the riders enjoy a ride-out, during which hundreds of soft toys are collected for children in hospitals.’
    • ‘Amid all the fabled soft toys, there are dolls galore.’
    • ‘With the trees up, the rest of the room looks empty, so you fill it with a menagerie of soft toys in Christmassy outfits; angelic bears, skating rabbits and snowballing penguins, each with their quota of wind-up activity and music.’
    • ‘Children having to spend Christmas at York and Scarborough Hospitals will be cheered by the arrival of soft toys and gifts, donated by a big-hearted family store in York as part of a charity initiative supported by this newspaper.’


soft toy