Definition of soft sugar in English:

soft sugar


mass nounBritish
  • Granulated or powdered sugar.

    • ‘Light brown soft sugar can be used instead of dark brown soft.’
    • ‘She was sour, but she liked making sweet things; one never had to complain of a lack of jam or plums; she ate well herself and added soft sugar to the meringue and the strawberry jam.’
    • ‘Gently stir together the raspberries and light brown soft sugar in a 1.2 litre (2 pint) oven-proof dish.’
    • ‘When the sugar mixture is cool enough to handle but still pliable, carefully pull off pieces of the soft sugar and stretch them into long, thin strips.’
    • ‘Mix equal quantities of plain yogurt and chopped fruit - strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or cranberries are all good - then add enough soft sugar to sweeten.’