Definition of soft skills in English:

soft skills

plural noun

  • Personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

    • ‘It is also useful where there's a shortage of time off site for training and a critical need to improve soft skills.’
    • ‘Qualifications obviously help but it is the soft skills that often matter.’
    • ‘That means combining soft skills with technical expertise.’
    • ‘Recruiting events were pseudo-social events where our softer skills could be observed.’
    • ‘Employability skills or "soft skills" continue to be critically important.’
    • ‘Don't discount your soft skills (compassion, drive, patience), combine them with the hard skills listed above.’
    • ‘An introduction to the soft skills of people-management for the previously proudly unmanageable.’
    • ‘Conventional short-term programmes do not seem to help and companies are now looking at ways to develop soft skills or life skills among their employees.’
    • ‘With college teachers and parents applying pressure on their wards to get high grades, soft skills such as communication and presentation have taken a backseat.’
    • ‘The work based learning is supported by national events and study days at Warwick University to develop soft skills such as presentations and decision making.’
    • ‘Anchoring all development in performance, gives greater purchase to the development of soft skills.’
    • ‘Aside from certifications, investigators can also get training in the softer skills necessary for a forensic investigator.’
    • ‘In the enterprise of the future, soft skills are like budgets surpluses are preferred over deficits.’
    • ‘Bhargava says the complete experience is what's going to make Inox different - right from the swank interiors to staff's soft skills.’
    • ‘Security executives and IT folk in particular have traditionally been short on those softer skills.’
    • ‘Marren believes this is because most IT managers focus on technical training and give very little attention to the softer skills needed.’
    • ‘Many educational institutions are now realising the value of soft skills.’
    • ‘It can even help get the hard and soft skills working together.’
    • ‘Some writers have placed judgment under the heading of soft skills.’
    • ‘Much enthusiasm was expressed about using student portfolios to demonstrate IT and soft skills.’
    social skill, social grace, social graces, urbanity, urbaneness, suaveness, suavity, finesse, sophistication, poise, aplomb, grace, adroitness, accomplishment, polish, style, smoothness, tact, tactfulness, diplomacy, discretion, delicacy, sensitivity
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