Definition of soft sell in English:

soft sell


often the soft sell
  • A method of salesmanship or advertising that uses subtle persuasion.

    ‘it's this kind of soft sell that I object to—ads that tell me how wonderful everything is’
    • ‘While it is still a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, the soft sell is on - and believe me, these consumers know it.’
    • ‘They have been brave in moving in the direction of a fans' representative in the inner sanctum of the boardroom, the first UK club to do so, and been innovative in their choice of a man who will not accept the soft sell.’
    • ‘The soft sell worked, and he was able to circulate the plan in the firm, which ultimately became a beta client.’
    • ‘It is this soft sell that seems to appeal to the faces in front of the camera too.’
    • ‘‘We put the bug in their ear about framing, but it's a soft sell,’ he said, adding, ‘If it turns out well there's a better chance it will get framed!’’
    • ‘These days we're used to shock advertising, the soft sell and all ads in between.’
    • ‘But then, these guys have never been very big on the soft sell.’
    • ‘‘You no longer have to say goodbye to your pet… no longer have to tell your children they'll never see their beloved pet again,’ the syrupy soft sell continues.’
    • ‘While Nestlé waits to see if its Internet soft sell will work, the company is putting its muscle into nonconsumer sites, where new efficiencies can result in real returns.’
    • ‘Notice the substitutes aren't a soft sell for more expensive products.’
    • ‘Sprinkle loyal customer stories in your newsletter and provide useful and fun information about design trends, local events, etc. - think soft sell.’
    • ‘It was through painting, though, that Pablo began to realize the benefits of the soft sell.’
    • ‘I do a very soft sell on these issues to potential clients.’
    • ‘A similar soft sell is used at Caliterra where bottled water is especially popular at lunch.’


[with object]
  • Sell (something) by using such a method.

    ‘we've soft-sold the service on a limited basis’
    • ‘Now the planners are embarking on the sticky job of soft-selling the upcoming traffic mayhem to the residents around the area.’
    • ‘Russell continues: ‘Conversation is one thing but other people will come at you with an agenda that you know nothing about but you're supposed to glad-hand and soft-sell, but I'm not like that.’’


soft sell