Definition of soft iron in English:

soft iron


mass noun
  • Iron that has a low carbon content and is easily magnetized and demagnetized, used to make the cores of solenoids and other electrical equipment.

    • ‘The principle consists simply of a smooth flat blade of soft iron, set in a frame and fed with sharp sand and water.’
    • ‘The first Damascus steels were made by twisting two strands of thick wire - one of soft iron, the second a primitive form of steel - into a rope.’
    • ‘Strip the insulation off the end of a long piece of copper wire and wrap it 30 times around a cylinder of soft iron, to make a solenoid.’
    • ‘For the length of the blade was run with serpentine interlace, the hard and soft iron twisted together - a union of strong and flexible.’
    • ‘To make a bolt, a smith clamped the screw plate onto a rod of cold, soft iron and turned it down the rod.’