Definition of soft furnishings in English:

soft furnishings

plural noun

  • Items made of cloth, such as curtains, chair coverings, etc., used to decorate a room.

    ‘beautiful oriental silks for soft furnishings’
    ‘a wide range of soft furnishing for the home’
    • ‘Measures to combat the creatures usually focus on vacuuming as well as expensive anti-allergen soft furnishings and bedding.’
    • ‘The finest leathers, silks and plaids were used for soft furnishings, costing £2,900 per room.’
    • ‘The clean-up would involve steam cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings, use of machines which produced a disinfectant mist in the rooms, and washing down surfaces, he said.’
    • ‘Designed for permanent living, the residences come fully furnished, with all the furniture included in the price - not only the beds, tables, chairs, but all the kitchen fittings and soft furnishings.’
    • ‘And they're often told that one of the factors causing the wheezing is a little insect which lives in carpets, bedding, soft furnishings and on curtains.’
    • ‘Have your soft furnishings such as curtains, loose covers and cushions professionally cleaned.’
    • ‘Tait's method of working in collaboration with other designers - either creating cloth for their collections or working together on soft furnishings and scarves - is also unusual.’
    • ‘For a comfortable seat, add either a series of scatter cushions or have a piece of firm foam cut to size and upholstered to match the rest of the curtains and soft furnishings in the room.’
    • ‘Henrietta was in charge of soft furnishings, and brought a host of blankets and cushions.’
    • ‘The store is also trialling a new home range with more than 150 lines, including bed linen, lighting, cushions, prints, picture frames and soft furnishings.’
    • ‘Follow their example and get rid of carpets and extra soft furnishings, swap duvets for white linen and cover chairs or sofas with leather.’
    • ‘The owner and chef Tom Battersby treated the basement dining room to a lick of paint and soft furnishings, a far cry from the stark and intimidating atmosphere of its previous incarnation.’
    • ‘The mites breed at a phenomenal rate in soft furnishings such as pillows and mattresses.’
    • ‘There will be new departments for lighting, furniture, rugs, soft furnishings, art and mirrors.’
    • ‘But over the last year or so, she has also taken to making her own soft furnishings - cushions, curtains and covers - using top-quality materials.’
    • ‘Painted a cool white throughout, the apartment provides a blank canvas for buyers, with splashes of bright colours in the soft furnishings.’
    • ‘Each of the three floors in this area includes an intimate lobby decorated with eastern-influenced soft furnishings.’
    • ‘Rosebys is a leading supplier of household soft furnishings including curtains, bedlinen, bathroom towels and many other home accessories.’
    • ‘The addition of full-length curtains, soft furnishings and cushions will go some way to reducing noise levels.’
    • ‘I also have some soft furnishings to make for my suite (arm covers and new cushions)’


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