Definition of soft box in English:

soft box


  • A frame with a cloth covering used to diffuse the light from a flash or floodlight.

    • ‘The problem with this technique is that you need an assistant to hold and position the soft box, and soft boxes are very expensive.’
    • ‘But even if you are using off-camera lights with soft boxes attached, you still may not be able to get the kind of control you need.’
    • ‘Here's the goal: a soft box, a source of soft, even, directional light, much like a north-facing window.’
    • ‘Last Thursday, Eamonn McCarthy introduced members to taking formal portraits using studio flash, soft boxes, etc with particular emphasis on posing the subject.’
    • ‘A soft box (a large box made of opaque material which completely ensheathes the light source, producing a diffuse gentle light) was positioned to the subject's right.’