Definition of soft-top in English:



  • 1A motor vehicle having a roof that can be folded back.

    • ‘Apparently, when BMW started making cars in the late 1920s nearly all of its models were soft tops, so they've had plenty of practice.’
    • ‘But that's okay, if the person behind you is driving a silver Vauxhall soft-top.’
    • ‘Here is a selection of the soft-tops I have driven over the past few years and some memories of my MG Midget back in the early 1970s.’
    • ‘I sold my MG soft-top and went to London Business School.’
    • ‘All this has led to a shift in the pattern of sales of soft-tops.’
    • ‘With a top speed quoted at 190 mph, this is the fastest soft-top that the company has ever produced.’
    • ‘With the good weather, a man's mind inevitably turns to soft-tops, convertibles, and cabriolets.’
    • ‘Reflecting a generally cautious approach in the market, this represents a slight reduction on the same period last year, when an identical number of soft-tops were sold.’
    • ‘It may not be the cheapest soft-top around, but it has many endearing factors and the practicality of a decently sized boot.’
    • ‘In fact these are ideal weather conditions for road testing a soft top because, despite our indefatigable optimism to the contrary, we live in one of the wettest, most miserable climates in the world.’
    • ‘As a result the soft-top feels a less nimble when attacking twisting roads.’
    • ‘Even so, our great British love affair with convertibles means that almost 4% of new cars are soft-tops.’
    • ‘They later phoned her to tell her that a car resembling her blue soft-top was stolen from a garage recently and had her registration number on it.’
    • ‘Even as our climate proves true to its reputation for being mild, moist and variable, sales of soft-tops continue to boom in Ireland.’
    • ‘Muz Choudhury, 27, has spent two years and more than £4,000 turning the 1969 soft top into his dream car - complete with leather seats and Porsche wheels.’
    • ‘Expect the hard-top in the showrooms early next year, with the soft-top coming next summer.’
    • ‘Some drivers were scared by a two-seater soft-top that would still be accelerating strongly at 140 mph.’
    • ‘Happily, Renault has a similar hard soft top coming onto the market next week.’
    • ‘Second choice is whether to enjoy wind-in-the-hair motoring with the soft top or stick with a hard-top model.’
    • ‘‘I suppose,’ Ed mused, wrinkling his nose as he hit the button on his key to unlock the car, then leapt over the door of the soft-top and into the driver's seat with much panache.’
    ragtop, targa
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    1. 1.1 A roof on a motor vehicle that can be folded back.
      • ‘Vehicle camouflage and cargo cover systems have evolved from cut and sewn canvas soft tops to their present state.’
      • ‘This folding mechanism takes up very little space and allows the frontmost part of the roof to extend like a cover over the soft top, merging flush with the body of the car.’
      • ‘The two-door Ford Thunderbird is made available with a power-folding soft top, along with a heated glass rear window or a removable hardtop with trademark porthole windows.’
      • ‘The soft top retracts in 20 seconds, and there's a pop-up roll bar.’
      • ‘And the best bit about the soft-top is that it can be fully opened or closed when driving at top speed - none of this pulling up at the roadside and having to get out to fiddle with clips and switches, as you have to with the Ford Streetka.’
      • ‘It comes with a clever, three-piece retractable hard top and not the traditional soft top.’
      • ‘Oasys Vision is a retractable hard top that folds into the same space as the soft top with the added feature of a glass-panel panoramic sunroof that opens when the hard top is up.’
      • ‘You can raise or lower the soft top at the touch of a button; it takes about 30 seconds.’
      • ‘The car had a soft top that seemed to enhance the sound of the rain on the roof.’
      • ‘They also do their own prototyping and production of textiles for traditional soft tops, and have glass adhesive bonding capabilities to bond back windows into the panels for retractable hard tops.’
      • ‘When the sun does make a reappearance, the hard top can be removed by two people and the standard soft top comes back into play.’
      • ‘For example, people in Hamburg specialize in kinematics and latches while in Stuttgart it's retractable hard- and soft tops and sliding roof systems.’
      • ‘The soft top folds in and the hard tonneau closes.’
      • ‘Traditionally, sports car sales were divided into two segments, - two door cars with soft tops and those without.’
      • ‘The white soft top was up, but she could see the white leather interior through the spotless windows.’
      • ‘The 911 tops, as well as the Boxster hard- and soft-tops, the Mercedes G-class soft top, and the Ferrari 360 are handled in a plant in Korntal-Munchen, near Stuttgart.’
      • ‘My problem is that on the soft top, close to the rear window, the canvas is starting to wear.’
      • ‘The power soft top goes down easily with a one-handed release and the press of a button.’
      • ‘The soft top is interesting: made up of eight layers of material and some 830 components.’
      • ‘With the soft top raised, the car's aerodynamics are impressive, and with it stowed away there is little lost.’