Definition of sodium nitrate in English:

sodium nitrate


mass noun
  • A white powdery compound used mainly in the manufacture of fertilizers.

    Chemical formula: NaNO₃

    • ‘Avoid fertilizers like sodium nitrate (a component of many organic fertilizer products) that make the soil more alkaline.’
    • ‘In contrast to other sources of nitrogen, such as guano and South American sodium nitrate, which were exhaustible, there is an inexhaustible supply of nitrogen in the air.’
    • ‘He exploited the economic benefits of guano, a bird dung collected from islands off the coast of Peru and sold to Europe for fertilizer, as well as desert deposits of sodium nitrate, which was used to make munitions and fertilizer.’
    • ‘The NOP stipulates that the nitrogen obtained from sodium nitrate must account for no more than 20 percent of the crop's total nitrogen requirement.’
    • ‘How important is it to stay away from sodium nitrate?’
    • ‘Hassett and a 15-member research team from the U.S. and Canada found that slightly acidified sodium nitrate is able to penetrate the antibiotic-resistant organism.’
    • ‘Saltpetre or sodium nitrate is used in cured meats.’
    • ‘Salt indexes are the measurement of burn potential and are based on sodium nitrate.’
    • ‘Like magic, the garden's flowers and vegetables grew at a phenomenal rate, and the market for sodium nitrate as a fertilizer was born.’