Definition of sodalite in English:



mass noun
  • A blue mineral consisting chiefly of an aluminosilicate and chloride of sodium, occurring chiefly in alkaline igneous rocks.

    • ‘The intermediate zone consists of massive lilac-gray sodalite with inclusions of nepheline, dark green aegirine, and pale green fluorapatite.’
    • ‘The minerals in my set include fluorite, a very pretty piece of sodalite, and a nice piece of polished tiger eye.’
    • ‘Lazurite, the deep blue variety of sodalite with sulphur replacing some of the chlorine, is dominant in lapis-lazuli.’
    • ‘The province is also endowed with other non-traditional minerals including nickel, feldspar, emerald, limestone, granite, amethyst, sodalite and syenite.’
    • ‘Associated minerals include various pyroxenes and zeolites in addition to the more familiar lazurite, sodalite, pyrite, and carbonates.’


Early 19th century: from soda + -lite.