Definition of soda siphon in English:

soda siphon


  • A bottle from which carbonated water is dispensed by allowing the gas pressure to force it out.

    • ‘The glass soda siphon is encased in wire mesh and is 44 cm high with a nozzle stamped ‘Veritable Seltzogene D. Fevre, Paris’.’
    • ‘My wife and I bought a soda siphon so we could have a regular supply of seltzer (we don't own a car, and it's a drag to lug all that water home on my back!).’
    • ‘She would open the drinks cabinet and take from it an empty glass, a whisky bottle and a soda siphon, and arrange them carefully on a tray.’
    • ‘In It Runs in the Family there is a moment when we go berserk with soda siphons but I've managed to stay out of the way for that one - I don't get wet.’
    • ‘People have enjoyed sparkling drinks created with Soda Siphons since the early 1890's.’


soda siphon