Definition of Sod's Law in English:

Sod's Law


  • another term for Murphy's Law
    • ‘It would have made a fantastic photo, but Sod's Law dictates that you never have your camera at such events.’
    • ‘I commented to Jimmy that Sod's Law dictates that if I arrive early to the auditorium I have an aisle seat; if I'm late, I am in the middle of the row.’
    • ‘As Sod's Law would have it, the first day of the easing of access sanctions coincided with a change in the weather.’
    • ‘If he didn't believe in Sod's Law before pitching his tent in Yorkshire, then he certainly will now.’
    • ‘It's Sod's Law that the new Sport supplement is never missing from my copy.’
    • ‘But my favourite story is the one in which a team of scientists are investigating Sod's Law and observe that for one particular man, the toast never falls on the floor butter side down.’
    • ‘It is a section where mathematical certainty is the only worthwhile protection again Sod's Law and Wharfedale need to secure that position without delay.’
    • ‘As Sod's Law would have it, he took a heavy fall on the flat at Roscommon eight months ago, the horse tripping on the bend coming round into the straight and leaving the trainer/jockey with two broken forearms.’
    • ‘I am inextricably bound to Sod's Law; if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.’
    • ‘Why does Sod's Law dictate that if you start a tiling job and find you are one tile short, you then discover that the range has been discontinued and you are left with a gaping hole like a 999-piece jigsaw puzzle?’
    • ‘As is almost inevitable following such an invitation, Sod's Law comes into force.’