Definition of Socred in English:



  • A political party or an individual advocating social credit.

    as modifier ‘the heart of Socred country’
    ‘many federal Liberals had become closet Socreds’
    • ‘The new system, (which is the same one used by the Socreds over a decade ago) will purportedly broaden the democratic process.’
    • ‘A new book reveals that Heinlein, at least early in his life, was a Socred, a believer in the Social Credit movement that came to power in Alberta in 1935.’
    • ‘In the Day family, Stock's father, Stockwell Day Sr., ran for the federal Socreds against the New Democrat Party's Tommy Douglas in Vancouver in 1972.’
    • ‘Now, a decade after the 1991 election, the Socreds are not represented in the Legislature.’
    • ‘The Socreds took 7% of votes in last spring's provincial election, twice that in 1993, and leader Randy Thorsteinson has expressed strong interest in some form of merger.’
    • ‘While the Socreds and Republicans alike possessed firmly-held beliefs, especially on economic and fiscal matters, each party none the less showed remarkable flexibility on potentially-divisive social policy questions.’


1950s: contraction of social credit.