Definition of sociometrically in English:



  • See sociometry

    • ‘Other common representations include the chain (a series of relationships); the pair (a mutually reciprocated relationship); the power (short for ‘power behind the throne,’ who is the object of attraction of a few very sociometrically attractive individuals; and the isolate (a subject not chosen by anyone).’
    • ‘Complicating this picture, not all children sociometrically categorized as rejected completely lack friendships; over half have at least one reciprocal best friend.’
    • ‘Before describing the current study, we review the relevant literature on peer treatment of sociometrically rejected children that formed the basis for these research questions.’
    • ‘Stam reported that sociometrically chosen groups performed significantly better on the divergent thinking task, although there were no significant differences on the convergent thinking task.’
    • ‘Compared to sociometrically average status students, neglected students reported higher levels of motivation and were described by teachers as being more self-regulated, more prosocial, and better liked.’