Definition of sociolinguistically in English:



  • See sociolinguistics

    • ‘These patterns include both phonologically governed alternations, such as the aspirated allophone of word-initial, and also sociolinguistically correlated variants.’
    • ‘There are many other variables in English which show similar sociolinguistically significant distributions, such as those studied in Norwich in the 1970s in an urban dialect study modeled after the New York research.’
    • ‘The textbook does use the reference terms of ‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs. ’, and ‘Ms.’ but in a sociolinguistically inappropriate manner.’
    • ‘These variables are sociolinguistically marked and, according to the prevailing linguistic opinion in Sweden, in the process of more or less rapid change from regional dialect towards spoken standard.’
    • ‘It is evident that Latinate vocabulary consists of a stylistically or sociolinguistically elevated layer in the overall English vocabulary.’