Definition of social wage in English:

social wage


  • The amenities provided within a society from public funds.

    • ‘It will be necessary to ensure that Governments cannot deplete expenditures on the social wage in order to fund such compensating tax arrangements.’
    • ‘The municipality's social wage was R196,26 a month for every family with a total gross household income of less than R1560.’
    • ‘Our members have a significant investment in Medicare and free bulk billing as critical elements of the social wage for which, historically, pay claims have been moderated.’
    • ‘By engaging in the Accord, unions brought to life the social wage, which delivered non-wage benefits like superannuation, further education and family-friendly provisions.’
    • ‘Over the past 20 years the value of the social wage has gone up by nearly 50% in real terms.’
    • ‘In return for fewer dollars in their pay packets, workers were rewarded through the social wage, more money for schools, child care, and above all, Medicare.’
    • ‘It has also meant a cut in wage levels and a reduction in the social wage.’
    • ‘But with the so-called reform policy that began in the late 1970s, the provision of the social wage have been systematically scaled back.’
    • ‘By raising wages and by providing a social wage (including Social Security), unions and the New Deal would increase consumer demand and help solve the cause of the Depression.’
    • ‘An Accord with the unions, containing wage claims in return for reinforcement of the social wage, underwrote Hawke's economic achievements.’