Definition of social service in English:

social service


social services
  • 1Government services provided for the benefit of the community, such as education, medical care, and housing.

    as modifier ‘a social services department’
    • ‘It is however a matter for the social services authority whether he needs care and attention.’
    • ‘He said educational groups and some social services would also be affected by the cuts.’
    • ‘He said the council would protect vulnerable users of education and social services first.’
    • ‘The government is demanding record spending on education and social services.’
    • ‘A rapid response scheme for acute care at home was put in place jointly by health and social services.’
    • ‘The museums have consistently lost out in council spending to education and social services.’
    • ‘Without carers, the burden on local health and social services would increase greatly.’
    • ‘She called on the council's social services department to help out recently when the money ran out.’
    • ‘A Good Samaritan cared for the boy for two days until social services took over.’
    • ‘He wanted to get in touch with social services and find ways of getting state benefits.’
    • ‘Council departments, including social services and housing, are also kept up to speed.’
    • ‘Disabled children have won a High Court battle in the fight to save the social services they receive.’
    • ‘The county council runs major services like education and social services.’
    • ‘Finally, buses are a key part of our transport network - they are not part of the social services.’
    • ‘This year about one quarter of the increase in the council tax was to pay for social services improvements.’
    • ‘The children were on the Child Protection Register and were often visited by social services.’
    • ‘Health and social services trusts bear the hallmarks of traditional welfare activity.’
    • ‘Once she became an addict her daughter Aoife was taken into care by social services.’
    • ‘Some will argue that we should distinguish between health and social services.’
    • ‘One of the primary steps is to create separate departments for housing and social services.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Activity aiming to promote the welfare of others.
      ‘private money is significant for some areas of voluntary social service’
      • ‘For some of the staff at the company, their work is akin to a form of industrial social service.’
      • ‘Like other groups, too, they turned to pre-existing systems of social service.’
      • ‘This is just one of the programmes initiated for celebrating 25 years of social service at Abhayam.’
      • ‘His association with the Mahatma encouraged him to take up social service.’
      • ‘That will generate a spirit of social service in their minds.’
      • ‘Our reforming party had a proud record of social service and we boasted about it.’
      • ‘However, poverty has never deterred him from doing social service.’
      • ‘Massive lay-offs, tax hikes and cutbacks in every kind of social service are in the offing.’
      • ‘Advancing age has not dampened his enthusiasm for social service.’
      • ‘Not many knew about his interest in art, culture and music or social service.’
      • ‘Given his quest for excellence and passion for social service, it's not too surprising for all those who knew him.’
      • ‘The freedom struggle and his zest for social service forced him to plunge into politics at the age of 17.’
      • ‘Edward Johns Urwick was a religious fanatic who approached social service as a philosopher.’
      • ‘The major contribution of the Church to Kerala society has been in the areas of education and social service.’
      • ‘She herself is a retired officer of United India Insurance, but has managed to keep herself busy with social service.’
      • ‘Sometimes I think when you are nurse you perform social service.’
      • ‘In fact the YMCA needs the support of one and all to achieve its goals of social service.’
      • ‘We have a very strong tradition of community and social service.’
      • ‘This valuable social service receives no state funding and is financed through fund raising.’
      • ‘As a state-owned company, Pelni must fulfill two purposes: social service and business service.’