Definition of social science in English:

social science


mass noun
  • 1The scientific study of human society and social relationships.

    • ‘However, in 1911 he gave up the idea of training for the priesthood and embarked on the study of philosophy, social science, and natural science.’
    • ‘He argues that modern social science rests on dubious theological assumptions.’
    • ‘Courses in literature, social science, and science were analytical, not moralistic.’
    • ‘He applied the method of analysis to political economy, which put a ‘logic of the human will’ at the centre of social science.’
    • ‘It's just that much of this analysis boils down to either social history or cultural sociology - in other words, social science.’
    • ‘A second recent development in the study of marriage has revived the project of comparative social science as a complement to the ethnographic discipline of fieldwork.’
    • ‘It is an extension of the evolution of the scientific method in the physical sciences into social science.’
    • ‘No doubt Peukert's impatience with Max Weber has something to do with his own vision of what social science is and what methods may be best for its study.’
    • ‘This is an interesting and informative introduction to debates in the philosophy and methodology of social science.’
    • ‘The domain of their creative energy is confined to one specific department of science, namely social science.’
    • ‘She began to feel that there was something which should be done about the system itself, so after two years she felt she should return to study social science.’
    • ‘For social science to seem scientific, the first requirement is that people have numbers.’
    • ‘The final section of this chapter deals with wider issues and with the relative role of science and social science.’
    • ‘Our research is multidisciplinary and represents social science, medicine, and volcanology.’
    • ‘Agricultural economics is typically selected as a field of study by students who are interested in applied business or social science.’
    • ‘Ives said any efforts to tackle the problems must be linked to human sciences such as anthropology, social science, and human geography.’
    • ‘He has a B.S. in environmental studies and an M.S. in social science.’
    • ‘All of this work had the same aim as his first study - to better human life through social science.’
    • ‘Contemporary philosophers of social science have taken issue with traditional ideas about objectivity.’
    • ‘For the past four years Ray, who lives in Whalley Range, Manchester, has spent at least three hours every day studying for an Open University degree in social science.’
    1. 1.1count noun A subject within the field of social science, such as economics or politics.
      • ‘Perhaps the most highly developed social science is the archaeological study of the ancient Maya at the site of Copán and elsewhere in western Honduras.’
      • ‘Current debates within the social sciences focus upon the impacts of one or more of these technologies.’
      • ‘And the list does not stop with other branches of psychology or even other social sciences.’
      • ‘Other social sciences such as Economics, Sociology, and Anthropology were demarcated in similar fashion.’
      • ‘Anthropology was better developed than other social sciences in this field.’
      • ‘England supports research and teaching in all areas of science and the social sciences.’
      • ‘Researchers from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences are encouraged to apply.’
      • ‘Major social sciences today are economics, political science, anthropology, and sociology.’
      • ‘Proposals from all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences are welcome.’
      • ‘Critical Theory has a narrow and a broad meaning in philosophy and in the history of the social sciences.’
      • ‘Much of the debate about nationalism has taken place not in International Relations but in another social science, Sociology.’
      • ‘Postan wrote as an economist: as someone whose training was in the social sciences.’
      • ‘In social sciences like archeology or history, it is clear that tomorrow is not the same as today.’
      • ‘They adjusted their curriculum and linked communications science with the social sciences.’
      • ‘Historical sciences are a general case of the historical social sciences.’
      • ‘It is based in Exeter, and its experience is largely in publishing heavyweight academic journals in the social sciences.’
      • ‘In the social sciences, economics and econometrics are the most widespread and highly developed fields.’
      • ‘Of all the social sciences, economics most closely resembles the natural sciences.’
      • ‘There is one social science that has adopted a view on human nature, albeit only implicitly, and that is economics.’
      • ‘The most prominent science journals are in the social sciences, which are led by economics and political science.’


social science