Definition of social media optimization in English:

social media optimization

(British social media optimisation)


mass nounMarketing
  • Techniques and strategies for promoting awareness of a brand, publication, product, etc., on social media, especially by encouraging the sharing of content that attracts people to a particular website.

    ‘social media optimization is a tried and trusted technique to advertise a website's services’
    ‘you have to be always on the lookout for fresh ideas in social media optimization’
    as modifier ‘social media optimization services’
    • ‘The webinar will introduce viewers to best practices for social media optimization and how to optimize its impact toward improving your rankings.’
    • ‘The weeklong event will have sessions on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, local search, social media optimization, and more.’
    • ‘Social media optimization is very important and should be necessarily at the top of the charts of optimization and SEO cleaning.’
    • ‘Social media optimization is the new marketing strategy that allows all kinds of business enterprises to gain momentum and increase their sales.’
    • ‘Websites optimized with social media optimization strategies will have their own user-generated content.’