Definition of social class in English:

social class


  • A division of a society based on social and economic status.

    ‘people from different social classes and walks of life’
    ‘her social class excluded her from training at an art school’
    mass noun ‘Austen was a keen observer of social class’
    • ‘Parents of different social classes often have different child-rearing styles.’
    • ‘She was lured away from her lover and her social class, and then preyed upon by men who believed wealth can and does control everything.’
    • ‘We have created a new social class in America.’
    • ‘Televised soap operas are extremely popular with Brazilians of all social classes.’
    • ‘Travel narratives suggest that many well-to-do European and American travelers were appalled by the mixing of social classes.’
    • ‘People of all social classes migrated to the towns, including members of the nobility.’
    • ‘The players come from different social classes.’
    • ‘Income was overwhelmingly seen as the number one determinant of social class in New Zealand.’
    • ‘Mrs. Higgins reminds them that they should consider what they are going to do with this woman who they have educated beyond her social class.’
    • ‘Why would people from all different walks of life and social classes all be invited to the same party?’
    • ‘Apparently you can tell your social class by the way your sofas are arranged.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter which social class or part of town the clubbers come from, nor does it matter how much they earn.’
    • ‘You get no help if you come from the lower social classes, from the wrong side of the tracks.’
    • ‘Did the commune members come from particular social classes?’
    • ‘In the past, most people had arranged marriages to someone of the same social class.’