Definition of Soay sheep in English:

Soay sheep


  • A small domesticated sheep of a primitive breed with brown fleece and horns in both sexes, formerly confined to the island of Soay in the St Kilda group.

    • ‘Her owner had given her up for dead, but Soay sheep are a tough breed, renowned for their ability to survive in poor conditions.’
    • ‘He shared his wife's interest in the arts she is an artist and became involved in conserving and raising a flock of Soay sheep.’
    • ‘She has also been the proud owner for many years of a small flock of rare Soay sheep whose wool she uses the wool for rugs.’
    • ‘For 4000 years man has inhabited this bleak group of islands, raising squat, brown Soay sheep and collecting seabirds for food, feathers and fat for their lamps.’
    • ‘It was inhabited by Soay sheep, goats, and a couple of New Forest ponies.’


Soay sheep