Definition of soap flakes in English:

soap flakes

plural noun

  • Soap in the form of thin flakes used for washing clothes.

    • ‘Next, dissolve some pure soap flakes in warm water and rub all over the furniture, paying careful attention to the soiled areas, with a towel wrung out in this soapy water.’
    • ‘The clothes were deposited in the tub with soap flakes and soda, then swirled around by hand, using a wooden paddle, a long and hot process.’
    • ‘Ironically, she dyed her hair with a diabolical cocktail of peroxide, household bleach, soap flakes and ammonia until it all fell out and she was forced to wear a wig.’
    • ‘To eliminate those risks, look for natural soap flakes or ‘free-and-clear’ detergents at supermarkets, natural food stores, or online companies.’
    • ‘In a medium size container, add about 8 teaspoons of soap flakes and a little water.’
    • ‘The translucent paper dipped and rolled in otherwise imperceptible air currents before coming to rest in ever-growing piles of what looked like insubstantial, oversized ivory-colored soap flakes.’
    • ‘With very little water, soap flakes can be whipped into a lather.’
    • ‘Melt the soap flakes over a medium heat, stirring constantly, then add 75 grams precipitated chalk (calcium carbonate) and more of the herbal liquid to form a soft, thick paste.’
    • ‘I dumped more soap flakes into the greasy dishwater.’
    • ‘For washing woollens and other clothes, mix four cups of pure soap flakes with two cups of methylated spirits and one tablespoon of eucalyptus oil.’
    • ‘Soap flakes can be premixed with hot water to make a liquid concentrate which can be added to cooler wash water.’
    • ‘To remove urine or urine stains, blend together two cups of soap flakes, half a cup of methylated spirits and 30 millilitres of eucalyptus oil, then dissolve two tablespoons of this mixture in four litres of warm water.’
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