Definition of soap bubble in English:

soap bubble


  • An iridescent bubble consisting of air in a thin film of soapy water.

    • ‘As the temperature increases, the blob of paraffin expands, like a soap bubble.’
    • ‘The first hint Newton had, leading to his most important optical discoveries, was derived from a child's soap bubble.’
    • ‘Satisfied that the offender would get what he deserved, I turned back to the board, pretending to concentrate on the little soap bubbles as a warm feeling of accomplishment spread from the ends of my hair to the tips of my toes.’
    • ‘I deemed it useless to restart the bath, and rinsed out the bottom, where the soap bubbles and lather collected, so that the servants wouldn't have to.’
    • ‘In plan it bears a strong resemblance to a complex soap bubble or coloured clouds, with volumes merging and melding into one another.’
    • ‘Our fingertips touched, and it was like popping a delicate soap bubble.’
    • ‘There's a flash of fear across her eyes, thin and fleeting like color on a soap bubble.’
    • ‘However, this kind of prosperity, just liked a beautiful soap bubble, was very brittle and ephemeral.’
    • ‘What is sought is mediation, as light and casual as the film of a soap bubble, capable of maintaining the critical balance between these conflicting global pressures.’
    • ‘Time itself fractured and bent, and the night air seemed to surge forward, like a soap bubble getting ready to pop.’
    • ‘The spherical shape of a soap bubble is due to all the molecules in the surface attracting each other and pulling the thin film into the smallest possible area.’
    • ‘A picture of a young man blowing a soap bubble traditionally conveys a message about the transience of life.’
    • ‘In one area, children created giant, iridescent soap bubbles, which jiggled and glittered brightly in the spotlights as they floated upward, before finally bursting.’
    • ‘The bubble would look like a soap bubble with them inside of it.’
    • ‘The Milky Way will spiral into the central black hole in much the same way as the soap bubbles disappear down the plug hole after my bath.’
    • ‘A soap bubble will collapse when pricked, although it has no elastic material; the surface tension of the film provides force enough.’
    • ‘The soap bubble and the spider's web are perfect examples of structures that are irreducible - just exactly as strong as they need to be, impossible either to add to or subtract from.’
    • ‘Thin colors shifted around like there was a soap bubble over her eyes, bright like neon but blended enough to look faded.’
    • ‘As she breaks the surface, there is a slight audible pop, much like that of a soap bubble, and the sphere dissolves in a small flash of many colors.’
    • ‘I remember a sunbeam illuminating Rob and his friends for a moment as though they were medieval saints - although I don't expect the saints spent much time blowing soap bubbles from train overpasses down onto passing automobiles!’