Definition of soaking in English:



  • Extremely wet; wet through.

    ‘his jacket was soaking’
    as submodifier ‘your hair's soaking wet’
    • ‘He was found soaking wet in the middle of the night, unable to speak and dressed in an expensive dinner suit.’
    • ‘They were already soaking wet by the time they got to the front door.’
    • ‘The entire room was soaking and sopping wet when we entered.’
    • ‘Two weeks ago we noted the first three courses of brick, upon which the timber frame building is built, were soaking wet.’
    • ‘Danny removed Emma's soaking clothes and she shivered, but didn't wake up.’
    • ‘He turned his head when his mother began to strip Allie of her soaking wet clothes.’
    • ‘He was shaking and was soaking wet with his own sweat.’
    • ‘And all the people and all the animals ran out into the rain, for they did not care that the fields were now muddy or that they were soaking wet.’
    • ‘I was still soaking wet and just wanted a shower and some ice cream.’
    • ‘It was freezing and I had to walk home my little grey silk lined shorts soaking wet and ruined.’
    • ‘The rain is coming down in sheets, and while I'm hungry, I have no particular desire to get soaking wet and catch a cold.’
    • ‘Everything was soaking wet from the waterfall trek so I managed to get a washing line set up to dry our clothes.’
    • ‘I caught him under one of the chairs and that's when I realized I'd gotten him soaking wet.’
    • ‘She started to walk, barefoot, soaking wet, for almost half a kilometre down the gravel road toward her friend to get help.’
    • ‘I was still soaking wet from the shower when he arrived at my apartment.’
    • ‘My hair was already plastered against my neck, soaking wet.’
    • ‘He was soaking wet, but fully dressed in a black suit, with no clue as to his origin.’
    • ‘I recall camping out with friends in a little makeshift tent; when it rained we all had to run home because we would all get soaking wet.’
    • ‘She was soaking wet and had bald patches as well as open cuts and sores around her back legs.’
    • ‘The weather today is typically British, which means if we go out on the bikes we will get soaking wet and covered in mud.’
    drenched, soaked, soaked to the skin, like a drowned rat, wet through, soaked through, sodden, soggy, waterlogged, saturated, sopping, sopping wet, dripping, dripping wet, wringing, wringing wet, streaming
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  • An act of wetting something thoroughly.

    ‘in spring, give the soil a good soaking’
    • ‘So it got a good soaking with soapy water too.’
    • ‘Managers from the branch sat in the stocks outside being pelted with wet sponges, and firefighters turned up with a hose to give them a soaking.’
    • ‘The soaking also helps to clean the dried bean and speeds up the cooking time.’
    • ‘And while Leicester won, their fans got a thorough soaking on the open stand at Portsmouth.’
    • ‘If the soil is dry, give it a good soaking otherwise the rhizomes can be difficult to lift, especially when congested.’
    • ‘Alison's stretch limousine surprise also came as a bit of a relief for Brian who had been dripping wet most of the day after countless soakings from work colleagues, who threw buckets of water over him.’
    • ‘It needs only a couple of deep soakings in July after the bloom to keep it from going brown in the heat of summer.’
    • ‘The country side got a good steady soaking.’
    • ‘Local street wardens will also volunteer for a soaking when they take a turn in the stocks.’
    • ‘Cover the holes with soil and give the bulbs a thorough soaking of water.’
    • ‘She added that the recent weather, thorough soakings followed by bright sunshine, had created ideal ground for the event.’
    • ‘At the end of the day, volunteers often take part in early evening hikes, stargazing and hot-spring soakings.’
    • ‘Between soakings, an adhesive bandage can protect the nail area.’
    • ‘Having already had a soaking, I opted to swim back across, and passed a few of the more determined members clinging to the walls on the way!’
    • ‘It is processed by a series of soakings, which remove the bitter taste, after which it can be boiled to make an edible jelly or dried and ground to a flour for bread-making.’
    • ‘Several drivers have had to endure repeated soakings because their cars have no roof.’
    • ‘Spring is a changeable season with periods of fine weather broken by soakings of rain, he said.’
    • ‘Bathe or shower daily, but use warm, not hot water and avoid long soakings.’
    • ‘Those living in Greater London are the least likely to hand-wash their cars with an average of just 2.2 soakings annually.’
    • ‘She allowed Yvonne plenty of rest and perhaps a few more soakings in the tub than was prudent.’