Definition of soakaway in English:



  • A pit, typically filled with hard core, into which waste water is piped so that it drains slowly out into the surrounding soil.

    • ‘The size of the soakaway depends on the drainage of the surrounding ground- try a test hole and pour a bucket of water into it and see how quickly it drains away.’
    • ‘Rainwater soakaways will not be appropriate since they would only increase the saturation of the ground.’
    • ‘A standard septic tank system with a soakaway is proposed for the disposal of sewerage, and its percolation area is about 30 metres from the open drain to the east.’
    • ‘It was agreed to provide beech-filled soakaways about 1 metre cube with a polythene and concrete top.’
    • ‘The Lusitu community police post project, estimated to cost a total of US $110,000 will have an office block, two semi-detached houses, a communication must, a soakaway and a septic tank.’
    • ‘In this way, surface water from a site can be treated by infiltration through the fill media prior to discharge to a watercourse and also removes the need for total storage within a traditional soakaway.’
    • ‘As the ground was saturated, due to the well above normal rainfall and coupled with the burst water main, the two soakaways were unable to cope.’
    • ‘Stage one is digging the trenches and soakaway.’
    • ‘The applicant's agent said that there was no planning grounds to oppose the application and that the design of the house took into account flooding in that area and included soakaways.’
    • ‘The soakaway under the cemetery tap has been cleaned out by the odd-job man, who has almost completed clearing the church walls of ivy and brambles.’
    • ‘Below it was a large wooden sink which drained into a soakaway a few yards from the house - there were no drains.’
    • ‘Water, extracted from the ground at a fairly constant 11 degrees Celsius, is used to cool the air in the auditorium and is returned via a soakaway.’