Definition of soak something up in English:

soak something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Absorb a liquid.

    ‘use clean tissues to soak up any droplets of water’
    • ‘So if you have your bag with you, or if your clothing falls too low, it soaks up the hose water like a sponge.’
    • ‘The drawback is that down soaks up water, so you can't wear most jackets in the rain.’
    • ‘The plants and trees will provide storm water protection by soaking up the rain.’
    • ‘The three-month trial has shown hemp to be a more effective mop crop, in that it grows quicker and produces bigger plants, soaking up more water and nutrients.’
    • ‘The bread soaked up the meaty juices in a satisfyingly rustic way.’
    • ‘The towels soaked up the red liquid with blinding efficiency, soaking up almost ten times their weight in liquid.’
    • ‘Unless the roof is waterproofed, that weight could double as the soil soaks up water during rains.’
    • ‘The garden also uses bark chip mulch which soaks up water and slowly releases it into the ground and a combination of soil and gravel to improve drainage.’
    • ‘It must have soaked up some water in the cellar over the years and swelled somewhat.’
    • ‘This was annoying enough, but after I'd used towels to soak up the water, I heard an ominous dripping noise coming from below.’
    absorb, suck up, draw in, draw up, blot, blot up, mop, mop up, sponge up, sop up, take in, take up
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    1. 1.1 Expose oneself to or experience something beneficial or enjoyable.
      ‘lie back and soak up the Mediterranean sun’
      ‘he spends his time painting and soaking up the culture’
      • ‘Lie back and soak it up - the bright tones and soothing vocals are best appreciated horizontally, although there's plenty of wiggle in these wobbly cut-up rhythms as well.’
      • ‘I'm going on vacation to soak up some sun and refresh my mind.’
      • ‘Now she's going off to a Greek island to soak up the sun.’
      • ‘For half a century now many rich and varied cultural experiences have been soaked up over the scorching hot Perth summers.’
      • ‘So if you couldn't get tickets to the paid events, you can still soak up the atmosphere.’
      • ‘I stood there soaking up the final rays of the sun until it set completely.’
      • ‘We both spent time outside, soaking up some rays and just enjoying the spring weather.’
      • ‘"We're just going to soak up the atmosphere," said Lesley.’
    2. 1.2informal Cost or use up money.
      ‘the project had soaked up over £1 billion’