Definition of soak oneself in in English:

soak oneself in

phrasal verb

  • Immerse oneself in (a particular experience, activity, or interest)

    ‘he soaked himself in the music of Mozart’
    • ‘This is not a college course, it's a living proposition, here for you to use, to dive into and soak yourself in.’
    • ‘He grew up soaking himself in the traditional Greek music.’
    • ‘He went about researching the war meticulously, soaking himself in the plentiful documentary material from this most media-infiltrated of conflicts.’
    • ‘I tried to soak myself in the story, to let the notes and phrases marinate in my head.’
    • ‘He had soaked himself in all his books from the intervening years.’
    • ‘On the other hand, it was admirable to see the way he soaked himself in England, and acquired a perfect mastery of English, even if his English remained a little stiff.’
    • ‘Recording equipment has become cheap and accessible to an extent unforeseeable 30 years ago, while the globalisation of music makes it easy for musicians to soak themselves in a multiplicity of sources.’
    • ‘Like a field absorbing fresh spring rains, we can continue to soak ourselves in the Spirit's presence, absorbing more and more of his life.’