Definition of so much the better (or worse) in English:

so much the better (or worse)


  • That is even better (or worse)

    ‘we want to hear your say, but if you make it short, so much the better’
    • ‘If the boat requires or solicits rescue prior to arrival so much the better - someone needs to know they're there.’
    • ‘If they were exposed to humiliation or embarrassment in front of their families or colleagues, so much the better.’
    • ‘Happiness is watching kids in the water, and if parents can dip their legs in the water, too, so much the better.’
    • ‘What then followed was a bundle of falsehoods and bizarre inversions of reality, perhaps retailed in good faith (and so much the worse if they were).’
    • ‘If he becomes more reflective, if he becomes nicer to other people, so much the better.’
    • ‘If the Security Council gives him the mandate, so much the better.’
    • ‘If farmers' incomes are sustained as a side-effect, then so much the better.’
    • ‘If we can gallop past that target, so much the better.’
    • ‘If you understand enough of the language to appreciate the compact poetry of the original French version, so much the better.’
    • ‘So yeah, if I broaden my horizons and meet interesting and amusing people, then so much the better.’
    • ‘If the celebrations could be associated with a greater awareness of the country's culture, history and traditions, so much the better.’
    • ‘And surprisingly, if you have some fat to go with it, so much the better.’
    • ‘If you can ride a horse, so much the better; you'll travel far greater distances and reach terrain beyond the scope of most walkers.’
    • ‘If this means we hear less from them at election time, so much the better.’
    • ‘If you can get both versions of a film so much the better.’
    • ‘If you have more, so much the better - we're a little short up here.’
    • ‘And if she chooses to value the book just for its emotional effect, rather than for its insights into the Meaning of Life, so much the better.’
    • ‘They would be delighted to welcome any parents who would help out and if you come with some goodies so much the better!’
    • ‘If Asia can focus its limited resources on translating such knowledge into real-life uses, so much the better.’
    • ‘If you can market us in Swindon too, so much the better!’