Definition of so help me (God) in English:

so help me (God)


  • Used to emphasize that one means what one is saying.

    ‘if you don't get out, so help me I'll let you have it’
    • ‘And so help me God, if I ever see another montage again, something terrible is going to happen.’
    • ‘It may have deprived me of the full experience, but so help me, I just can't bring myself to watch the accompanying DVD.’
    • ‘If he doesn't, he'll get the left-overs from last night, so help me!’
    • ‘You owe me, and so help me God, if you don't tell me what the hell is going on, I swear I will walk out that door and find a phone to call the police.’
    • ‘So help me God, if you stop any member of my staff one more time for another one of your needless questions, you will be dealing with me.’
    • ‘But so help me, I just don't have the strength of will to do it.’
    • ‘I am a dyed-in-the-wool cynic, so help me.’
    • ‘And now that you are mine… so help me God, I'll never let you get away again.’
    • ‘Don't you speak to me that way, Marissa, so help me God!’
    • ‘When I put my hand on the Bible, I will swear to not only uphold the laws of our land, I will swear to uphold the honor and dignity of the office to which I have been elected, so help me God.’