Definition of so far in English:

so far


  • 1To a certain limited extent.

    ‘jabs and pills can protect you only so far’
    • ‘You can stretch the elastic so far but you will get to the point where it snaps.’
    • ‘Aid will go only so far; trade must do the rest.’
    • ‘In Egypt's classrooms, lessons go only so far. Parents spend $2.4 billion annually to illegally hire private teachers.’
  • 2(of a trend that seems likely to continue) up to this time.

    ‘diplomatic activity so far has failed’
    • ‘This is a strategy that has yielded huge profits so far and can continue to do so.’
    • ‘Interesting how many posts there have been so far with no one saying they saw it.’
    • ‘The prediction is based on the crimes committed so far in the period under review.’
    • ‘The arrests brought to four the number of men questioned about the allegations so far.’
    • ‘No doubt there will be more flashbacks to come but so far the ones that have surfaced have made me smile.’
    • ‘He said a public meeting would be held in the town hall next Thursday to discuss the project so far.’
    • ‘Bidders have so far been invited to look into the potential of their sites and submit plans.’
    • ‘This means that each publication is a gamble, but so far the strategy has paid off.’
    • ‘The group has so far raised around half of that amount and is continuing to gain funds.’
    • ‘After graduation he is keen to continue and expand on the work he has done so far.’
    • ‘The basis of this method stuff, so far, is that the performance comes from the inside.’
    • ‘There have been no murders in the borough so far this year, compared with three last year.’
    • ‘She is trying to track family roots and has so far come up against a brick wall.’
    • ‘Even some of his roses have survived the worst of the weather so far this winter.’
    • ‘Experience so far suggests that house prices are more likely to stagnate than crash.’
    • ‘It is believed that a small number of sites have so far been contacted, likely in the tens.’
    • ‘At eight feet by five feet, the bookcases will be the largest pieces to have appeared so far.’
    • ‘Both teams went into the fixture unbeaten so far this season, so something had to give.’
    • ‘We have tried to speak to people at Irwell Valley, but so far we have not had that much response.’
    • ‘We have had very positive feedback so far and they do seem to think it is valuable and worthwhile.’
    until now, up till now, up to now, up to this point, as yet, thus far, hitherto, up to the present, till the present, until the present, to date, by this time
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