Definition of snuff-coloured in English:



  • Of a dark yellowish-brown colour.

    • ‘Down the broad main street scampered a flock of goats herded by a lean man with fangs like a dog who strode along in a snuff-colored cloak with a broad black felt hat on his head.’
    • ‘In the beginning, I was thrilled with the presence of the petite fluffy snuff-colored creatures that animated our campus.’
    • ‘The front of the house exhibited an ordinary manorial presentation of Elizabethan windows, mullioned and hooded, worked in rich snuff-colored freestone from local quarries.’
    • ‘His own, snuff-coloured wool was shabby in comparison; especially in comparison with Jack's deep blue silk, shot through with subtle highlights of purple.’
    • ‘Then I like to fancy the glee of the lady in green or the radiant boy, or the headless man, or the old gentleman in snuff-colored clothes, as he, or she, recognizes the presence of a spectator, and prepares to give his or her best effects in the familiar style.’
    • ‘He was in evening dress, while his neighbor, who thought the whole thing a jolly lark, was garbed in a snuff-colored business suit.’
    • ‘The bottom appeared light and clear, a waste of snuff-colored ooze.’
    • ‘Each day he would promenade the ‘plainstones’ opposite his house in the Trongate, clad in a suit of snuff-coloured brown, and wearing blue striped stockings and knee breeches, and shoes with buckles.’
    • ‘He was dressed in snuff-coloured clothes, and his legs under his knee-breeches were of a ludicrous thinness.’
    • ‘He was dressed in a smartly-cut snuff-coloured coat, with large brass buttons; an orange neckerchief; a coarse, staring, shawl-pattern waistcoat; and drab breeches.’
    • ‘The deck heaved gently and he stumbled, but Killick appeared in the moonlit cabin and held him aright, washed the dried blood from his hands - without a single rebuke at the sight of blood also on the front and cuffs of Stephen's best snuff-coloured jacket - put him into his hammock, and withdrew.’
    • ‘Since dawn any breeze that had crossed the nearby puny, snuff-colored mountains was filled with high fever.’
    • ‘Her eyes were very sweet and round and blue, and she wore a quaint little snuff-colored gown.’
    • ‘Dressed in a frayed snuff-coloured linen jacket and cream Jodhpur pants, the boy spoke to us a few hours between the London and Paris fashion weeks.’
    • ‘Moments later, another man in a snuff-coloured coat with yellow metal buttons suddenly drew a small pistol and fired it at the man in blue.’
    • ‘She wears a glazed cap, blue shirt, dark vest, snuff-colored pants and gaiter boots, and a shawl over her shoulders; speaks with considerable confidence, but is not very communicative.’
    • ‘He always asks out girls, but they are disgusted by his snuff-colored teeth.’
    • ‘There he became well known for his snuff-colored suits and the atomizer he carried for colds and hay fever.’
    • ‘It was bordered on the north by snuff-colored foothills, scruffy lumps that seemed to hesitate before finally slouching toward an unremarkable mountain range.’
    • ‘The suit he had on when I saw him, of rich, snuff-colored silk, was cut with the virtuosity that only subtropical tailors expend on hot-weather clothing.’