Definition of snowy owl in English:

snowy owl


  • A large northern owl that breeds mainly in the Arctic tundra, the male being entirely white and the female having darker markings.

    Nyctea scandiaca, family Strigidae

    • ‘The evidence of past glacial activity is obvious, though, and there is an abundance of cold-climate wildlife: ptarmigan and hares whose coats turn pure white in winter, reindeer, and even snowy owls.’
    • ‘On the other hand, there is a rich community of specialist and generalist predators (arctic foxes, stoats, snowy owls, rough-legged hawks, gulls, jaegers and ravens), all of which feed on lemmings.’
    • ‘Children are legally allowed to keep the birds and while snowy owls such as Hedwig are difficult to come by, a barn owl can be bought for as little as £30 to £40.’
    • ‘A snowy owl glided low down past me, brushing my leg with its great wing.’
    • ‘The goose-predator interaction is further complicated by the presence of nesting snowy owls in peak lemming years.’
    • ‘She crept behind a bush, seeing a snowy owl a few feet away with a cave in the background, standing over a rabbit, hooting victoriously to itself.’
    • ‘The booth is loads of fun, I learned that a couple in Dakota Country has three ring-necked doves in their backyard and a couple from Blooming had a snowy owl in their yard last week.’
    • ‘Big Oil wants to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - which would harm polar bears, snowy owls and other arctic wildlife.’
    • ‘A recent lack of observations in late fall and during winter may explain the apparent absences of four species: rough-legged hawk, snowy owl, short-eared owl, and common raven.’
    • ‘The snowy owls that star in the eponymous books and films just look so darn cute, and their chicks even more so.’
    • ‘Alison was painting a snowy owl, Migel a crow and Katrina a hummingbird.’
    • ‘In Britain we have one very rare species which is the snowy owl but this does not breed here, being only a winter visitor to Scotland.’
    • ‘On his shoulder rested a beautiful snowy owl, while in his arms was a baby raccoon.’
    • ‘In one case, a female Steller's eider was killed by a snowy owl, after which her ducklings were adopted into a nearby brood.’
    • ‘In addition, snowy owls, rough-legged hawks, and stoats are also present and prey on lemmings but not on geese.’
    • ‘During our study, pomarine jaegers and snowy owls nested only in the same years as Steller's eiders.’
    • ‘The vertebrate class Aves includes the birds, an extremely distinctive and successful clade, with an estimated 9000 species worldwide, including the snowy owl pictured here.’
    • ‘This morning at the shed near where the snowy owl had perched, two men are unloading fertilizer and preparing to put it on the field.’
    • ‘Researchers are also studying Arctic foxes, lemmings, snowy owls and vegetation.’
    • ‘Raptors such as peregrine falcon, rough-legged hawk, and snowy owl can also be found throughout the town.’