Definition of snowshoe hare in English:

snowshoe hare

(North American snowshoe rabbit)


  • A North American hare with large hairy hind feet, fairly small ears, and a white winter coat.

    • ‘In contrast, the snowshoe hare shows the expected stress response to chronic high predation risk over 2-3 years: body resources are geared to survival and reproduction is inhibited.’
    • ‘The smaller carnivores found here include arctic fox, ermine, and wolverine, while smaller herbivores include the snowshoe hare, arctic hare, brown lemming and collared lemming.’
    • ‘In some patches of my woods in Maine, I can hardly find a single sapling that is untouched by moose, deer, or snowshoe hares.’
    • ‘He saw few dead animals; he remembers a pack rat and a snowshoe hare.’
    • ‘Populations of some species, such as snowshoe hares, are kept in check largely by food limitation, while others are controlled by predation.’
    • ‘Isolated and wild, the North Fork Valley houses moose and wolves along with pine marten, snowshoe hare and mountain lion.’
    • ‘We suggest that these results may be analogous to the stress-induced changes in the mortality levels of snowshoe hares in the presence of predatory lynx.’
    • ‘In Alaska, the snowshoe hare follows a 10 year cycle, closely tracked by several predators.’
    • ‘I was gazing at the sky when a small, white, snowshoe rabbit hopped in front of me.’
    • ‘This forest was missing two items, though, that fishers commonly eat: snowshoe hares, which do not occur this far south, and porcupines, which once lived here but were killed off by humans.’
    • ‘Lynx feed on squirrels, birds and other small prey, but snowshoe hares are the mainstays of their diet.’
    • ‘Whitetail deer, coyote, red fox, snowshoe hare and raccoon often make appearances.’
    • ‘Squirrels, snowshoe hares, grouse, corvids, woodpeckers, and other medium to large songbirds are all potential prey of the goshawk.’
    • ‘I rigged my line with a few pieces of lead split shot, tied two feet of tippet to the leader, and tied to that a small white fly made from the fur on a snowshoe hare's rear foot.’
    • ‘Their principle source of food is mice, but squirrels, snowshoe hares, and pikas are also popular.’
    • ‘This year's mascots - the snowshoe hare, the coyote, and the black bear - were selected by a group of Native American and petroglyph experts as symbolic of the American West.’
    • ‘Hawk owls are also thought to scavenge the remains of adult snowshoe hares in winter.’
    • ‘By expanding snowmobile trails, some biologists also say that the plan could allow coyotes, which can travel on the packed trails, to compete unnaturally with lynx by eating snowshoe hares and other traditional lynx prey.’
    • ‘In North America, the boreal forest is the land of the snowshoe hare and its predators - coyote, red fox, lynx, and great horned owl.’
    • ‘Earlier successional forest stages provide habitat for the lynx's primary prey, the snowshoe hare.’