Definition of snowscape in English:



  • 1A landscape covered in snow.

    • ‘The scene lasts several minutes, shot from all angles and distances - close on Cage's barely straining face and body, extremely long on the crumbling snowscape.’
    • ‘This new pan-global study of mammals in all their fuzzy variety begins as Attenborough shuffles into the frame of a blinding blue - and-white snowscape, swaddled in an Arctic anorak.’
    • ‘They hauled our family sleigh through forest snowscapes swathed in clouds of husky breath as the light failed.’
    • ‘So it was late and freezing when the pair of wagons drew up to stop for the night; the only light was the cold blue wash from the moon and stars that polarised the snowscape into a crosshatching of light and dark.’
    • ‘The 30-plus dancers gave us a first half like something out of a fairytale with a country house Christmas ball transforming into a snowscape.’
    • ‘Even as I said it, though, I realised that there are trains that slice through glittering virginal snowscapes - and I've even been on some of them.’
    • ‘Then I pulled the drapes on the evening snowscape outside, stripped, wrapped myself up in a sheet and flopped down before the warm hearth.’
    • ‘You can tell this isn't going to be a winter of picturesque snowscapes and mitten-clad children scampering around with their hoods up - it's one of the bleak, sub-zero temperatures variety.’
    • ‘There's a brilliant orange flash and a sharp crack; the snowscape explodes and rushes in a chaotic tumble toward the valley floor.’
    • ‘My mind began to slow down, to empty itself in the moonlit snowscape, and when it did I felt a great sadness take over.’
    • ‘Beyond him, the window framed a snowscape: a treeline with white-washed evergreens and cobalt-blue sky overhead, achingly blue.’
    • ‘As well as travelling through the snowscape on huskey-drawn sleds, reindeer-drawn sleighs and snowmobiles, the group also enjoyed skiing and ice-fishing sessions.’
    landscape, countryside, country, terrain, topography, setting, surroundings, environment
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    1. 1.1 A picture of a snowy landscape.
      • ‘The work is filled with other puzzles - a desert landscape melds into a snowscape, which in turn can be seen as a strangely stretched image of a contemporary Sphinx-like woman.’
      • ‘Actually, what you see are beautifully drawn beaches and snowscapes.’
      • ‘This is how she sees winter, as evidenced in her beautiful group of small snowscapes, painted close to her North Wales home.’
      • ‘Even in the virtual world of the game, the graphics engine is able to create endless snowscapes and cliffs of ice that look almost real.’
      • ‘How about we do something wintry and ethereal, like a snowscape?’
      • ‘He creates bleak snowscapes peopled by groups of disconsolate figures, dispersing and recombining.’
      • ‘They include Cardinaux's peaceful snowscape St Moritz, Carlo Pellegrini's Adelboden illustrating resting skiers and Plinio Colombi's energetic Wintersport in Der Schweiz.’