Definition of snowdrift in English:



  • A bank of deep snow heaped up by the wind.

    • ‘Even so the wind swirled into the room, blowing small snowdrifts with it.’
    • ‘Snow cover there was almost 50 cm deep and there were numerous snowdrifts.’
    • ‘So, putting off the idea of moving to the sunny coasts of Portugal and living in a villa, he threw himself back into the deep, crisp snowdrifts.’
    • ‘A 5km stretch of road to the Shipka Peak in Stara Planina was made impassable Monday night by trees felled by the wind and snowdrifts, but reopened to traffic Tuesday afternoon.’
    • ‘The majority of the lairs found during this period were in the deeper snowdrifts of the Cyrus Field Bay area.’
    • ‘I know from experience that avalanches occur swiftly and cruelly, and our relief when the ground eventually levelled out soon dissipated in a struggle through waist deep snowdrifts.’
    • ‘Some of them stumbled back the way they had come, dragging frozen tanks and trucks out of ice and snowdrifts.’
    • ‘Stranded motorists were rescued from their vehicles by the emergency services after snowdrifts up to 20 ft deep paralysed areas of the Scottish Highlands.’
    • ‘The ugliness stands out this morning, the snowdrifts soiled by what the wind has picked up from the fields.’
    • ‘There were a couple of minor incidents such as when I accidentally took a step into a snowdrift and found myself waist-deep in snow, and later when I was trying to climb down a bank I slipped and fell quite heavily onto my back.’
    • ‘He maneuvered it into a deep snowdrift, where its power proved useless.’
    • ‘Anyway, upon arriving at Leuchars station in the middle of the evening, all us disembarking passengers found ourselves unable to leave, because of a blizzard and eight foot snowdrifts.’
    • ‘When we arrived in Chicago, there were 6ft-high snowdrifts and the wind was howling.’
    • ‘This winter, drivers throughout Air Combat Command will see the usual snowdrifts, use their ice scrapers, and experience jump starts and skids.’
    • ‘Later in his career Freeman hit the national headlines by helping to drag the Whitby lifeboat six miles overland through deep snowdrifts in answer to a plea for help from the Robin Hoods Bay station.’
    • ‘Now she'd have to wallow through the snowdrifts and get it done before the boys woke up and started to holler and wail about how cold it was in the cabin.’
    • ‘The cold winter air blew in their hair and some snow from the snowdrifts blew up and swirled around them all.’
    • ‘Beyond these lofty peaks we could see the omnipresent and almost eternal white expanse of the polar plateau with its windy snowdrifts fading off into the hazy grey-white horizon.’
    • ‘Snow cover in northeastern Bulgaria reached 80 cm with snowdrifts as high as two metres.’
    • ‘Local authorities often work in conjunction with the emergency services, by helping to clear snowdrifts and putting salt onto roads to help keep them free from ice.’