Definition of snowboard in English:



  • A board resembling a short, broad ski, used for sliding downhill on snow.

    • ‘Upon arrival at the destination there will be one set of skis or a snowboard for each team.’
    • ‘There were six of us in two cars full of snowboards, skis, cameras, and bags, and only one hotel room that was about the size of my college dorm room.’
    • ‘The 1,500-cubic-inch pack will comfortably carry a snowboard or skis - plus 100 ounces of water.’
    • ‘You can learn to turn a snowboard in a short time.’
    • ‘You may also rent skis or a snowboard for $34 a day.’
    • ‘‘It looks so much easier on a snowboard,’ he complained, half covered in snow after taking a fall to avoid a clump of trees.’
    • ‘Many adults enjoy the tube park, especially those who are a bit too hesitant to entrust their life to a pair of skinny skis or a single snowboard!’
    • ‘Us girls went to rent some snowboards and took the ski lift up the slope.’
    • ‘A snowboard really shines in these inconsistent conditions.’
    • ‘It boasts a ski rental of over 400 sets of equipment, including snowboards, carving skis, snow blades and even some cross country skis.’
    • ‘In the seconds leading up to the jump, I though that I was going to make it, but as my snowboard quickly got wedged into the snow halfway down the gulley my thoughts changed.’
    • ‘I dumped the snowboard on the snow and gave the little boy a hug.’
    • ‘And so five minutes later I walked into that little shop where the hotel rented and sold skis, snowboards, sleds, hot chocolate and all that other winter junk you wouldn't expect at this time of the year.’
    • ‘Kids and parents were taking advantage of the huge snow covered bluff surrounding the park in front of Avalon Heights, flying down it on their sleds, and snowboards for the more experienced.’
    • ‘And on a deep powder day, a snowboard can ride on top of the snow instead of sinking into it.’
    • ‘As for snowboards, they specialize in quality Canadian brands.’
    • ‘Before I knew it we were flying down the mountain, on snowboards.’
    • ‘We grabbed the snowboards and took the ski lift up.’
    • ‘Once you've selected a character and a snowboard or skis, you'll begin racing.’
    • ‘I fell in love with the snow and with my snowboard.’


  • Slide downhill on a snowboard.

    ‘beginners can learn to ski or snowboard’
    • ‘The people snowboarding here have more fun than anywhere else in the world.’
    • ‘Staying on your feet in snowboarding actually has very little to do with your legs.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, there is skiing, snowboarding and winter sun to ease winter blues.’
    • ‘For heaven's sake, at that point I had only been snowboarding for a grand total of 10 days.’
    • ‘And there are beautiful uncluttered slopes for skiing and snowboarding nearby in the Sierra Nevadas.’
    • ‘By this time the rest of the group had picked it up and were off snowboarding.’
    • ‘If you are still worried about sharks, why not try snowboarding instead?’
    • ‘I gave him a quick call and caught up with him before his departure to go snowboarding.’
    • ‘He still snowboarded but went to college to become a second grade teacher, he now worked at the elementary school.’
    • ‘In his spare time, he loves snowboarding and skiing in winter and tennis in summer.’
    • ‘Nearly 8 million people snowboarded at least once in 2002, up from 2.1 million in 1990; 30 percent of all snowboarders in 2002 were female.’
    • ‘They snowboarded all over the mountain, using every lift and tow available to them.’
    • ‘For all you that like snowboarding and all of you who don't, this is one awesome game.’
    • ‘I fortunately try to go skiing or snowboarding as much as I can, to keep my muscles in tune.’
    • ‘I went snowboarding for the first time a couple of weeks ago.’
    • ‘I skated and snowboarded so much when I was younger.’
    • ‘We met through snowboarding but he's actually a policeman for the other half of the year.’
    • ‘Apart from an attempt at snowboarding, I didn't go into the mountains on that occasion.’
    • ‘In his spare time he runs triathlons, snowboards, downhill skis - all with a prosthetic.’
    • ‘It displayed a majestic mountain in background, as a lone figure appeared at the top, and snowboarded down the steeping slopes.’