Definition of snow pants in English:

snow pants

plural noun

North American
  • Insulated waterproof trousers worn for outdoor activities in the winter.

    ‘people were bundled up in scarves, hats, snow pants, and gloves’
    • ‘Mom showed us how to tuck our snow pants outside our snap-up boots to prevent wet feet.’
    • ‘That's a good thing in retrospect, because I'm wearing some kind of funky 1970s knitwear, not proper snow pants or a parka.’
    • ‘I've been able to avoid wearing the snow pants for a couple months, but I think the time has come.’
    • ‘Prior to Bellows, he was stomping around in mukluks, parka and snow pants patrolling missile fields in North Dakota.’
    • ‘She needs to bring her snow pants.’
    • ‘Once you waddle into those snow pants and head out into that blustery winter weather, you are rolling the dice with your life.’
    • ‘If the dryer is used to dry unlaundered clothing, such as children's snow pants between outings, wipe the drum with suds and rinse.’
    • ‘I quickly got on my snow pants and ski jacket and a hat and ran outside.’
    • ‘The National Science Foundation makes sure everyone who goes to the pole dresses warmly by issuing thick long johns, heavy down parka, snow pants, goggles, boots, liners, socks, cap, and up to a dozen pairs of gloves.’
    • ‘There were no petrol stations open and my petrol seemed a bit low so I sat in my car layered up in my lovely warm jacket, gloves, snow pants, and my old snowboarding jacket as a blanket.’
    • ‘The kids don't get to go out at recess time when it's cold (and fun to play in the snow) unless they have snow pants and all the other accessories.’
    • ‘Unlike regular snow pants, snowboarding ones are a fuller cut, which allows for more unrestrained movement.’
    • ‘Maybe she has an alternate outfit stashed in there (say, some snow pants and ski boots in case the weather turns).’
    • ‘One school had just received kerosene heaters for the classrooms but had no fuel for them, so the students sat in frozen classrooms wearing winter coats and snow pants.’
    • ‘Our kids all wore snow pants and stocking caps.’