Definition of snow hole in English:

snow hole


  • A hole in snow used as a temporary shelter, typically one made for the purpose.

    • ‘He reached the top but was forced to spend the night in a snow hole.’
    • ‘Later, she also led by example by digging a snow hole and sleeping out in bone-chilling temperatures.’
    • ‘We dug a snow hole, got a brew going and had a reasonably unpleasant night.’
    • ‘The next day Yates emerged from a snow hole after a tortured, restless night and descended the rest of the mountain.’
    • ‘The early part of the deployment saw newcomers to the arctic being trained on the Novice Ski Survival Course which teaches them how to ski, build snow holes and survive in the freezing conditions.’
    • ‘I say we built, in reality Emily built a snow hole, the entrance to which had to be widened to accommodate my rather broad backside.’
    • ‘We tunneled in a particularly large tree well, and made our snow hole.’
    • ‘Shelter may take many forms, from simply sheltering behind a boulder or digging a snow hole to the high technology of modern housing.’
    • ‘There you are, in sub-zero temperatures, cowering in a snow hole to avoid enemy bullets.’
    • ‘This he said before going into a snow hole for the night, but nothing was heard from the climbers at daybreak as promised.’
    • ‘The first night he built a snow hole on the lee side of the mountain because the wind was so strong and cold that he was in danger of hypothermia.’