Definition of snow goose in English:

snow goose


  • A gregarious goose that breeds in Arctic Canada and Greenland, typically having white plumage with black wing tips.

    Anser caerulescens, family Anatidae

    • ‘The diverse landscape acts as a migratory rest stop for more than 30,000 snow geese and 1,300 trumpeter swans, while the Skagit River produces important runs of all five species of salmon.’
    • ‘At the opening a recorded voice told of the Artic tern, the snow goose, and the tundra swan.’
    • ‘One species of bird that could be greatly impacted by oil development is the snow goose.’
    • ‘Towering above the pink-feet visiting north-west Norfolk last winter was a white, or snow phase, greater snow goose.’
    • ‘Vast flocks of Canada geese, sandhill cranes, snow geese, and shorebirds make this look like a nature movie.’
    • ‘It's a sure sign of fall in Worcester County when lone kestrels appear on the horizon and the sky fills with Canada and snow geese.’
    • ‘In all cases, it was unknown whether birds were Ross's geese or lesser snow geese.’
    • ‘I eventually did get a chance at the scope and could see why this was a Ross's goose and not a snow goose by the shape of the face and the size of the bill in relation to the head.’
    • ‘At certain times there can be a million birds in front of you consisting of sandhill cranes, snow geese, cackling geese, white-fronted geese, pintails, wigeons and mallards.’
    • ‘Greater snow geese leave the Arctic at the end of August and migrate south through central Quebec where they stay from six to eight weeks in tidal marshes along the St. Lawrence River.’
    • ‘Unusual species were an American oystercatcher flying way out above the sound, the fall's first red-throated loon, and a formation of 40 snow geese against the clouds.’
    • ‘From here, immense flocks of snow geese, sandhill cranes, and other waterfowl may be seen, having safely made the journey to their winter home, sheltered by the timeless cottonwoods.’
    • ‘The marine coastline is extremely important to bird habitat and migration, and Ross's gulls, snow geese, Canada geese, ducks, and ptarmigan are abundant.’
    • ‘A survey conducted years ago indicated that the average snow goose in the population then was around eight years old, and the birds easily can live to twice or three times that age.’
    • ‘Waterfowl that can be found here include Canada goose, yellow-billed loon, arctic loon, red-throated loon, tundra swan, whistling swan, snow goose, oldsquaw duck and sea ducks.’
    • ‘We can feel the pull of muscle and the beat of feathered wings of the snow goose as it makes its long migration.’
    • ‘And last month, Bob, Zane was goose hunting in the field across the road and killed a snow goose.’
    • ‘Water needed for wildlife is being diverted for agricultural irrigation that does not benefit these refuges or the snow geese, tundra swans, white faced ibis, waterfowl and bald eagles that need these wetlands to survive.’
    • ‘A French film team asked him to fly an ultralight for them as they trained and filmed Canada and snow geese.’
    • ‘He was preparing to land near Houston when a snow goose struck the left side of the cockpit canopy.’