Definition of snow day in English:

snow day


North American
  • A day on which a school or other institution is closed due to heavy snowfall or other extreme winter weather.

    ‘we decided to head up to the mountains with some friends to make the most of our snow day’
    ‘with Wednesday 's blizzard compounding the effects of last week's storm, the federal government announced another snow day’
    • ‘Snow days are fun, but they make the rest of the week way too crowded.’
    • ‘According to the report, burglars were as likely to call a snow day as the rest of us.’
    • ‘No matter how old you grow, you never forget the rare and special magic associated with a snow day.’
    • ‘Growing up in western New York, I had my share of snow days, but not as many as you might think.’
    • ‘Last month, when the Washington private school where he sends Sasha and Malia called a snow day, Obama said DC needed to toughen up.’
    • ‘It's now been snowing non-stop for about ten hours, and the local TV stations are declaring it a record-breaking Texas snow day.’
    • ‘We had a rare snow day in Seattle.’
    • ‘Criminals don't take snow days and neither should crime fighters.’
    • ‘Kids got treated to a springtime snow day, while plow operators picked up a little unexpected overtime.’
    • ‘Seven inches of snow fell around Chicago yesterday and kids were treated to a springtime snow day.’
    • ‘Alas, my commute is three minutes on foot, so today will not be a snow day.’
    • ‘Their home network however, has made snow days as well as sick days a thing of the past.’
    • ‘A lot of kids got snow days today including my daughter who gets to sleep in this morning.’
    • ‘But to truly enjoy a snow day, one must pretend that one cannot leave the house.’
    • ‘If one snow day is good, three snow days are even better.’
    • ‘Here's hoping for another delightful snow day soon, to be spent at home in bed with an ice cream sundae.’
    • ‘Georgia's governor is trying to save fuel by declaring snow days for public schools.’
    • ‘Unnecessary driving was banned and schoolchildren who began the week with a summerlike Columbus Day holiday ended it with a snow day.’
    • ‘I heard there've been over a dozen school snow days, compared to three or four a season in recent years.’
    • ‘I guess hurricanes are the Caribbean equivalent to a snow day in the United States (but on a much grander scale IMHO!).’