Definition of snow-in-summer in English:



mass noun
  • Either of two white-flowered plants with silvery-green leaves.

    an evergreen Australian shrub of the daisy family (Helichrysum rosmarinifolium, family Compositae).

    a low-growing southern European plant of the pink family (Cerastium tomentosum, family Caryophyllaceae).

    • ‘For much of the season, the focus is on feathery, blue green Hughes juniper and silver-leafed snow-in-summer.’
    • ‘The silver and white snow-in-summer provides transition.’
    • ‘In early summer, the silvery foliage of snow-in-summer is smothered with white blossoms.’
    • ‘Many people find snow-in-summer invasive, but it has never been so for me, and I love not only its bright silver color but also the way it literally disappears under bright white blooms in late spring.’
    • ‘So I happily planted my new garden with that gooseneck loosestrife, white blooming mint, Silver King artimesia, snow-in-summer.’