Definition of snout butterfly in English:

snout butterfly


  • A butterfly with long palps that extend in front of the head like a snout.

    Subfamily Libytheinae, family Nymphalidae: several species

    • ‘This sleepy snout butterfly is preparing to spend the night disguised as a dead leaf hanging from a ragweed.’
    • ‘Migratory swarms of snout butterflies are spectacular for their density, duration and geological extent.’
    • ‘Now, as a senior in the college, he is mapping out the evolutionary relationships of snout butterflies.’
    • ‘When at rest, the snout butterfly holds its wings tightly closed and resembles a dead leaf.’
    • ‘The single species of snout butterfly that occurs in the Sonoran Desert, the American snout butterfly, can have huge population surges, particularly in the summer and fall, though in some years it is nearly absent.’