Definition of snorter in English:



  • 1A person or thing that snorts, especially someone who inhales cocaine.

    • ‘As it is, we have two or three complications a day from mainlining heroin but it is only a matter of time before the snorters start coming in.’
    • ‘Anita is a homeless heroin snorter who is at a crossroads in her life.’
    • ‘He was a snorter, Jaime could tell right then and there.’
    • ‘Her characters are happy drinkers, stoners, snorters and droppers of tabs.’
    • ‘A poem, Simply Everyone's Taking Cocaine, ran through a list of professional snorters.’
    • ‘From the heroin addict to the casual cocaine snorter, American drug users are among the world's top cash suppliers for international terrorist organizations, the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said Tuesday.’
    • ‘I once told a head physician at a large hospital that while cocaine sales - in the scores of billions of dollars - dwarf the amount of money spent on books, I knew no snorters.’
  • 2British dated A thing that is an extreme or remarkable example of its kind, especially for its strength or severity.

    ‘the opening batsman fended off a snorter’
    • ‘He got a snorter that reared up at his bat handle from just short of a length.’
    • ‘The Sergeant looked at me incredulously. ‘That is a great curiosity,’ he said, ‘a very difficult piece of puzzledom, a snorter.’’
    • ‘The goal kicker then edged his side in front with eight minutes left with another penalty but Jenkins promptly replied with another snorter of a drop goal from 40 metres.’
    • ‘And the second was a snorter that surprised him at the last World Cup.’
    • ‘At that stage, 18 were needed in 11 balls and the snorter at Giles' throat ended up being spooned over Gilchrist and the game had changed in the matter of one ball.’