Definition of snooze in English:



  • 1A short, light sleep, especially during the day.

    ‘he settled in the grass for a snooze’
    • ‘So I stayed another half hour and had a little snooze.’
    • ‘That'd be more useful than being woken up by all those flashing lights while you're trying to have a snooze in the traffic jam.’
    • ‘In between gardening sessions, and after lunch, the whole establishment settled down in various places for a light afternoon snooze.’
    • ‘And often he would try to sleep or at least to take a snooze,’
    • ‘How do they know how many minutes a snooze should be?’
    • ‘All of these individual restaurants have their own toilets and washrooms, and if one so desires, one can even retire to a rest room for a snooze after a hearty meal.’
    • ‘So they haven't been dozing off for long snoozes, but you have actually seen people fall momentarily asleep?’
    • ‘Even when I awoke from a snooze, I still felt as if I'd not slept for a week.’
    • ‘It is mid-afternoon and the orangutan goes for a snooze in the shade.’
    • ‘Plans for a gentle walk followed by lunch, a snooze in the library then afternoon tea are quickly thwarted when I discover we are all off for a spot of abseiling at Neiste Point.’
    • ‘I discovered him easily enough, but he was having a snooze, so I took myself off for a short stroll around Parkville for half an hour.’
    • ‘So we celebrated with a little feast of bilberries and then sank on to the comfortable cushions of these shrubs for a celebratory snooze in the sunshine.’
    • ‘When it's not your turn to watch you can catch a snooze.’
    • ‘So we all headed back to our respective homes and/or places of rest for the night and had a snooze.’
    • ‘All wrongs in the world can be fixed by an afternoon snooze - I went to sleep and woke up thinking that England had been knocked out of the world cup by Wales in the semi final.’
    • ‘I collected a whole load of supplies - a good range of drinks and snacks were all available free of charge - and I settled down for a snooze.’
    • ‘For most of us, it's a place for a sandwich, a snooze or a sunbathe - but Princes Street Gardens now offers a more civilised way to lunch.’
    • ‘Plus I find when I wake up after a short snooze I'm usually in a bad mood.’
    • ‘He took a three-hour snooze in the afternoon and showed signs of mental fatigue because he slurred his way through press conferences, stumbled to the podiums and fell asleep in cabinet meetings.’
    • ‘The light snooze was interrupted by a huge thump on the car.’
    sleep, nap, doze, rest, siesta, drowse, catnap
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  • 2North American Something boring or tedious.

    • ‘If the exciting weekend at the beach turned out to be a total snooze, thank your hosts for inviting you for some rest and relaxation in such a beautiful corner of the world or for the opportunity to get some unpolluted air into your lungs.’
    • ‘It was a pleasantly sung song, if a bit of a snooze.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he is a snooze in the lead role.’
    • ‘Some really super film-makers can get away with that, if what they have to offer is sufficiently compelling, but his repeated use of the same actors and the same story elements is getting to be a snooze.’


[NO OBJECT]informal
  • Have a short, light sleep.

    ‘the children play beach games while the adults snooze in the sun’
    • ‘Within ten minutes I was snoozing guiltlessly once more… and I didn't wake up until 11.30.’
    • ‘Most of the day, though, Dolly's been snoozing, taking over the bed and demanding to be left alone to get on with some serious nap time.’
    • ‘You think snoozing through one little review session won't make a bit of difference?’
    • ‘Between slightly grumpy and reluctant moves towards the study and my notebook I spent as much time snoozing in the sun as I could manage.’
    • ‘He's snoozing on his perch on the back of my easy chair right now.’
    • ‘All was relatively quiet when a loud bang is heard from outside and the dog that had been happily snoozing on my lap suddenly jumps up and scares me half to death.’
    • ‘But little Joseph, who was sleeping near the window, when the accident happened, just kept on snoozing.’
    • ‘Jess is still snoozing, how on earth could she sleep through the phone ringing?’
    • ‘As the rest of the family snoozed in a post-dinner stupor, I sneaked into the front parlour and helped myself to another glass.’
    • ‘You lie back in the sleek black-and-grey pods, snoozing in semi-privacy while wearing sound-blocking earphones.’
    • ‘I snoozed off and on but Dawn can't sleep in coach.’
    • ‘He would be sleeping on the ground and we would be snoozing in our vehicles next to him and he would get up so quietly that we were not aware that he was moving away.’
    • ‘The first two weeks involved me in the back row with one hand shielding my forehead, pretending to write but actually snoozing.’
    • ‘The rest of the household is snoozing more or less quietly away, and I'm sitting up all on my own in a few precious moments of private time before I'm ready to sleep.’
    • ‘One of my cats had obviously been snoozing at the edge of my bed without me noticing.’
    • ‘And the garden fell silent for a while, with an old grey poet and his cat snoozing softly in the sun.’
    • ‘They scurry across the marble floors, perch snoozing on the railings and snuggle into holes low down in the walls, their long tails poking out.’
    • ‘I peered in and saw five men snoozing in their undershirts.’
    • ‘Divers disperse about the boat, toasting on the sun deck, snoozing in the shade, chatting to the crew as they fish off the stern with handlines.’
    • ‘We spend the rest of the afternoon eating, chatting, snoozing and preparing for a party later in the evening.’
    sleep, be asleep, doze, rest, take a siesta, nap, take a nap, catnap, drowse
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Late 18th century: of unknown origin.