Definition of snippy in English:


adjectivesnippier, snippiest

North American
  • Curt or sharp, especially in a condescending way.

    ‘a snippy note from our landlord’
    • ‘I have seen people come back for seconds before some people have had firsts, and when you point this out to them they get snippy about it.’
    • ‘Sure, first you get snippy with me for telling you and now you yell at me for not telling you sooner.’
    • ‘‘I can take care of myself,’ said Melena in a snippy voice.’
    • ‘This little green-eyed troublemaker is sneaking up all over my relationship, through narrowed eyes, snippy retorts, and generally malicious thoughts.’
    • ‘The gardener got quite snippy and started lecturing me about the law and asserting that she had a legal right to cut back the trees in her yard.’
    • ‘I've seen you for the past three days, and you've never gotten snippy like that before.’
    • ‘‘Free country,’ Jesse answered, his voice more than a little snippy.’
    • ‘I didn't want to engage with him, but I was just too weak to extricate myself from the conversation, and, accordingly, got a little snippy.’
    • ‘That aside… man, I was pretty snippy today, wasn't I?’
    • ‘He got snippy if too many people started hanging around.’
    • ‘I've gone over the text many times, and I don't see how someone could think that I'd replied with only a single, snippy, off-topic paragraph.’
    • ‘They just giggle and are snippy and mean and sort of dumb.’
    • ‘He was snippy, feisty and reminded me of an argumentative drunk who challenges the whole bar to a fist fight.’
    • ‘Some people need to read some history before they get snippy.’
    • ‘Because if you are not received nicely, and they are sort of snippy to you, you are not going to enjoy your food, are you?’
    • ‘I hope you are aware that the entire class can hear your snippy comments.’
    • ‘My response is that it seems that Paige is being snippy.’
    • ‘Mother, I have never heard that person be snippy to you or to anyone else.’
    • ‘And of course they're being pretty snippy with each other from time to time.’
    • ‘I apologize for being unnecessarily snippy and for overlooking, misunderstanding or inadvertently mischaracterizing the arguments of opponents.’
    terse, brusque, abrupt, clipped, blunt, short, monosyllabic, summary, snappy, snappish, sharp, crisp, tart
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