Definition of sneaking in English:



  • 1attributive (of a feeling) persistent in one's mind but reluctantly held or not fully recognized.

    ‘I've a sneaking suspicion they'll do well’
    • ‘A sneaking apprehension remains at the top of my mind.’
    • ‘They're detestable creatures, certainly, but it's hard not to have a sneaking admiration for them.’
    • ‘I have a sneaking feeling that I've written about this before, but bear with me as my abandonment of the railway has opened up whole new vistas to me.’
    • ‘I'd always had a sneaking admiration for really good pop.’
    • ‘From Thursday on I had this sneaking feeling that this was going to be my week, but it was not to be.’
    • ‘But we have to admit to a sneaking admiration for her.’
    • ‘Yet I have a sneaking feeling that neither of them will return from Athens as ‘the world's fastest man’.’
    • ‘Personally, I have a sneaking admiration for anyone daring enough to hi-jack such unwieldy vehicles.’
    • ‘I have this sneaking feeling that I might not agree with many of the opinions of this man on - say - pretty much anything ever.’
    • ‘Personally, I must confess to a sneaking admiration for his acumen, if not for his artistic integrity, but I would not attempt to justify his methods.’
    • ‘I have a sneaking feeling though, that the only people who managed to get tickets at the correct prices were the agencies who now seem to be awash with them.’
    • ‘He knew that the ruling class are in some ways as much outsiders as vagrants and dossers, which is why the landowner has a sneaking sympathy for the poacher.’
    • ‘Do you ever get that itching in your mind, that sneaking suspicion that you know the answer to the question, you just don't have it on instant recall?’
    • ‘Out of all of this, I suppose, is a sneaking admiration for the way in which two concepts have been linked in the public's mind without any formal legal covenants.’
    • ‘However, you really must have a sneaking admiration for a man who can totally divert us like that, who can get us to take our eyes off the ball so easily.’
    • ‘This reviewer retains a sneaking feeling that he may be too generous.’
    • ‘I have a sneaking feeling that I am rather fond of period instruments, especially in the woodwind.’
    • ‘I had a sneaking feeling that somehow the sun managed to burn me through my shirt, but I was afraid to look.’
    • ‘I have a sneaking feeling that I might have an allergy to beer.’
    • ‘On this occasion, I have to confess a sneaking sympathy with building societies.’
    secret, private, hidden, concealed, innermost, inward, unexpressed, unvoiced, undisclosed, undeclared, undivulged, unconfessed, unavowed
    niggling, nagging, lurking, insidious, lingering, gnawing, unrelenting, slight but persistent, worrying, concerning
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  • 2informal attributive Furtive and contemptible.

    ‘an unpleasant, sneaking habit’
    sly, crafty, cunning, wily, clever, artful, scheming, devious, guileful, tricky, conniving, designing, deceitful, duplicitous, dishonest, disingenuous, underhand, untrustworthy, unscrupulous, double-dealing
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