Definition of snarlingly in English:



  • See snarl

    • ‘Whenever the subject of the war comes up, the hosts - to a one - are snarlingly hostile to any critic, and utterly toadying to the Bush administration.’
    • ‘it starts to wear thin and you have to bite back the snarlingly withering response…’
    • ‘During an altercation with some soldiers, Joaquin is killed when confronted by Captain Love (a snarlingly evil Matt Letscher) and Alejandro decides to drown his sorrows in beer, a temporary solution if ever there was one.’
    • ‘Hans-Dietr Bader makes a snarlingly harsh Herod, with a voice that penetrates to every corner of the theater.’
    • ‘Ineffably cool and snarlingly righteous, it blows initially-impressive recent efforts by both Massive Attack and Primal Scream into the water simply by means of having something to say and a definite way to say it.’