Definition of snappingly in English:



  • See snap

    • ‘And then there was the asparagus salad, a few staffs of snappingly fresh stalks atop a smoky sweet jumble of ‘Sweet 100’ cherry tomatoes and roasted eggplant.’
    • ‘They are dark and snappingly crisp and efficient, the chocolate equivalent of an after-dinner mint.’
    • ‘The male and female members can be combined with each other by inserting the annular stud snappingly into the annular socket.’
    • ‘You will have a mouth-watering experience with their sushi made of carefully selected snappingly fresh fish, and the standard array of Japanese dishes such as udon, teriyaki-chicken and seaweed salad.’
    • ‘The inner disk of the pair of coupling disks has a rounded edge and a cone-shaped convex outer surface, whereas the outer disk of the pair of coupling disks has a cone-shaped concave outer surface and an edge with a rounded surface capable of being bent back that snappingly receives the rounded edge of the inner disk of the pair of coupling disks.’