Definition of snappable in English:



  • See snap

    • ‘Shower curtain rings inspired the idea for this purse - I actually started the first version of it with the chunky snappable plastic rings from my shower.’
    • ‘A tool bit holder for a hand power tool has a tool bit holder body has a receiving bore for a tool bit shaft of a tool bit insert with at least one recess, a locking body snappable into place with the recess of the tool bit shaft.’
    • ‘The invention relates to two congruently snappable half-shells which can be combined so as to form an eyelet, particularly for trimming a hole of a textile material or similar.’
    • ‘To get chocolate to be that perfect hard, snappable feel that is loved across the world we need to temper it.’
    • ‘And then, once again, you are right that we have no evidence to prove or even point to a thin or snappable blade!’